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proof_of_evil in proof_of_evil_2

Today's Proof of Evil: BushCO

I'm stating the obvious.  It doesn't take an evil genius to figure out that Team BushCO (otherwise known as "The Bush Administration") is evil.  Just go look at all the evil it is responsible for.  It is terrifying.

Devious.  Sinister.  Evil.  Cruel.  Terrifying.  Horrific.  Disgusting.  Selfish.

He died two years ago.    Robert Bryce has posted military documents of this man's death.

1. Anonymous letter sent to Col. Westhusing in May 2005 regarding alleged misconduct by contractors working for the U.S. military in Iraq.

2. June 17, 2005 interview of Westhusing’s widow, Michelle, by Army investigators.

3. Sworn statements from people who knew Col. Westhusing.

4. Bulk of the report done by the Army’s Inspector General.

5. Bulk of the report done Army Criminal Investigation Command.

What happened to him?
  It's so horrible what he must have suffered.  Oh please, let his death not be in vain.  Please.  Please.

*photo from Crooks and Liars