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Today's Proof of Total Selfishness: Andrew Speaker

Well, Bill O'Reilly's take on white men is perfect timing to feature our next selfish idiot.

Andrew Speaker epitomizes what it is to be a SELFISH, WHITE MAN in AMERICA.

This selfish bastard is a personal-injury lawyer who "apologizes" and justifies his atrocious behaviour while asking forgiveness from those he may have infected with tuberculosis.  After all, as a personal injury lawyer, he knows what the consequences are for endangering the lives of others and I am sure, he doesn't want to be sued for spreading a disease he knew he was carrying.

He just didn't care.  In fact he even got his lawyer dad to "record" the conversations he had with the doctors who advised him not to board commercial flights just in case he happened to be held responsible for any potential deaths he may have caused by exposing himself to the public.

So why did Andrew Speaker travel to Europe and back? 

For his wedding and honeymoon.  Yes.  That is how selfish of a man this is.  His total disregard of people's safety so he could go party and honeymoon is fantastically self-serving and shows how little remorse he has.  He and another SELFISH, WHITE MAN (his lawyer father)  taped the conversations with the doctors to save his ass so he could go party.

He boarded 5 flights even while trying to escape authorities.  He flew into Canada to escape.  He was able to completely breach any kind of "security" along the border proving that "homeland security" is a farce and just another way for the American government to harass non-Americans AND Americans who travel.

From The Globe and Mail:

"The CDC put him on a no-fly list and told him to go into isolation at an Italian hospital, but by the time the CDC checked back with him, the newlyweds had already flown to Prague to board a transatlantic flight to Montreal.

That transatlantic journey aboard Czech Air Flight 0104 had the Public Health Agency in Canada scrambling to locate 28 passengers who were sitting within two rows of Mr. Speaker."

"Despite Mr. Speaker having been placed on a no-fly list by the CDC, the PHAC said it was not aware that he had landed in Canada until the day after."

Oh, and get this:  His new father-in-law is a microbiologist who specializes in the disease and denies any involvement.  Andrew Speaker then places the blame on everyone else but himself.

From CNN

"Speaker said officials wanted him to check into a treatment center in Rome indefinitely. But he feared that if he did, he might not make it to Denver. "It is a very real threat that I could have died" in Italy, he said."

WAHHHHH!  He was more worried about his own useless life than the possibility that he may kill others including children.  Him getting on a plane was a very real threat to the public.  Did he even care?  That's the "ME" attitude prevalent in SELFISH, WHITE MEN.  Absolutely disgusting.

Michael Seitzman writes what the rest of civilized humanity is thinking in his blog at The Huffington Post.

*photo from ABC



Andrew Speaker - was he really selfish?

I advise everyone to read the Wikipedia article on Andrew Speaker, which cites numerous reputable sources to the effect that his travel plans were known in advance by the Centers for Disease Control, that he was told he was non-contagious and complied with medical advice at all times, and that the CDC mis-diagnosed Mr. Speaker which it eventually acknowledged publicly.

Read the article and judge for yourself.